Q. Why do I see my course listed multiple times?

Q. Do I have to fill out a survey for each instructor?


There are two responses to this question. Please read each one to determine your situation:


If you took a course that was co-taught by multiple instructors: If you had a class where part of it was taught by one instructor and another part by a different instructor, you will have the opportunity to evaluate each instructor separately.


If you see your course listed several times but did not have the associated instructor:

We are sorry this has happened because it requires some extra effort on your part. You will need to go into each evaluation and decline the evaluation for the instructors you did not have, while completing the evaluation for the instructors you did have. 


This is a banner-entry issue that needs to be corrected with the department. You can help us “fix” this issue for the next term by emailing Beverly Dirks (Beverly.Dirks@oregonstate.edu) the course name/number.