Q: Why do you all hold our grades and transcripts until course evaluations are completed?

Q: Why are you forcing us to complete evaluations?


You are not forced to complete evaluations. You can choose to decline evaluations. But before you jump to declining, please understand how important your responses are (see # 2 below).


The decision to hold grades and transcripts until the completion of evaluations is a Faculty Senate decision. The reasoning behind their decision is two-fold:


1.       Limits on viewing grades are placed because some faculty are concerned about students seeing their final grade prior to the completion of an evaluation. They donít want an evaluation to be based solely on a final grade, but on the total of the studentís experience in the course.

2.       Limits on viewing grades/accessing transcripts is intended to increase student response to evaluations. A high response rate is very important for the reliability of the data. These evaluations are taken seriously and considered as part of faculty promotion and tenure reviews.


Consider this hypothetical example: If only 20% of the students respond to an evaluation, then the "weight" given in a faculty-members evaluations could be much less than if 80% of the class responded . If an instructor receives poor reviews, but only a small percentage of students responded, then people may argue that just the "extreme" students decided to respond and the rest of the class must have thought the teaching was OK (even if it was not), and simply decided not to review. Because of the low response rate, the instructor does not know if there is an issue with his/her teachingAND there is no accountability for him/her to improve because the data are not really considered in his/her evaluation.


We want to make course evaluations meaningful to inform and develop excellent instruction here at OSU. If students do not complete evaluations the system has little value.