I get a blank page when I try to do an evaluation.



This generally happens due to browser or pop-up issues.  First, please make sure pop ups are allowed.  Also, please try changing browsers (if you are using Explorer or Google Chrome, switch to Mozilla Firefox– Firefox does seem to work best, but it can vary machine to machine).  This generally solves the issue. 


If that still doesn’t work, try clearing the java and browser cache.

To clear Java cache:


1) Open up the Control Panel

2) Double click the Java Icon

3) Under the General tab, you will see a button labeled, 'Settings…' for Temporary Internet Files.

4) In the dialog box that opens click the button, 'Delete Files.'


Firefox cache and cookies:


1) Open up Firefox

2) Under Tools, select Clear Recent History…

3) Under Time Range to Clear: select EVERYTHING

4) Click all the boxes:

                Browsing & Download History

                Form & Search History



5) Click the Clear Now button