Q: I am concerned my response is not anonymous.

Q: How is it you know which evaluations I have completed or not if this is supposed to be anonymous?

Q: I have heard instructors can associate a student with an evaluation.


Most electronic survey and evaluation systems have features that allow us to track who has completed an evaluation but does not connect the responses to a name or ID. This feature increases response rates because we can remind people who have not completed an evaluation without having to send (annoying) blanket emails to everyone over and over again.


We use a system from an outside vendor that is secure and provides an added layer of user protections. Even OSU system administrators with the highest access permissions to evaluation data cannot see student IDs or names associated with individual responses.


Some demographic data are collected with the survey. We are no longer going to provide demographic data with evaluations to eliminate any risks of identification through deductive associations (such as in small classes).


Anonymity helps students feel they can provide honest responses without risk of repercussions. Honesty and a high response rate are both very important for the reliability and validity of the information/data. If these two things can occur, then we can more confidently rely on evaluations to help improve instruction.