I am concerned students will see their grade and it will influence their evaluation of my class.

This is natural concern since we want students to evaluate the course and our instruction in the course fairly and with the whole course in mind - not just a "single grade." Although it is possible that a student might rate a course based upon a grade, the majority of the research shows that student grades rarely/barely/if at all affect faculty evaluations. There have been nearly 500 research studies investigating this question. In his book "Developing a Comprehensive Evaluation System" (Arreola, 2007, pg. 101), Arreola summarizes the results from the bulk of these studies and states:

"The answer is there is no consistent correlation between the grades a faculty member gives and the ratings he or she receives from a well-designed student rating form...the bulk of the correlations appearing in the literature have been quite weak ranging from -0.18 to +0.18 (i.e., average r=0.0)."