NWCCU October 19 Site Visit

On October 19, 2012, evaluators Drs. Jane Sherman and Matha Potvin came to Oregon State University for the ad hoc accreditation site visit. The purpose of this visit was to focus on OSU assessment of student learning in the Baccalaureate Core, graduate studies, and undergraduate programs.

There were three open sessions, one for faculty, one for undergraduate students, and one for graduate students. At these sessions the OSU community was invited to share examples of how they use full-cycle assessment in their classes and degree programs.


Jane C. Sherman - Vice Provost for Academic Policy and Evaluation, Washington State University

Martha Potvin - Provost and Vice President for Acaemic Affairs, Montana State University, Bozeman


The Ad Hoc Self-Evaluation Report

The Ad Hoc Self-Evaluation Report can be accessed using your OSU login.