Minimum Class Size

Departments are authorized to cancel courses with enrollments below the following minimums (by level of instruction):

Lower Division:  25 students
Upper Division:  15 students (includes slash courses)
Graduate Level:  6 students

These minima do not apply to blanket number courses or to Honors College courses.The minima apply to the total number of students in combined sections taught concurrently; for example, cross-listed courses, a single course being simultaneously delivered to multiple sites, or separate courses or sections taught in the same classroom or laboratory by the same instructor at the same time.Compliance with this policy should ideally be achieved by studying historical enrollments and then making appropriate modifications (e.g. making scheduling decisions based on documented student needs). Every effort should be made to cancel underenrolled classes well before the start of classes; no classes should be canceled under the provisions of this policy after the day following the first meeting of class.Departments should make efforts, as appropriate, to provide advising about alternatives to students in canceled sections. However, in all cases of class cancellation, it will be the responsibility of the Registrar's Office to provide notification of the cancellation to students.The authority to make exceptions to minimum class sizes will rest with the deans; however, deans may choose to delegate such decisions to their department chairs. Colleges may establish minima that are larger than those established for the university by this policy. Grounds for exemptions to minima include, but are not limited to:

Approval & Revisions: Approved by President Ray on 3/6/2010 (