Graduate Degrees - Areas of Concentration

An area of concentration is a subdivision of a major or minor in which a strong graduate program is available. They may be shown on the student's program of study, but they are not listed on the student's transcript. Areas of concentration are listed in the OSU Catalog under each Graduate Major.

The Graduate School provides departments instructions for adding/dropping areas of concentration for their graduate major and minor offerings in conjunction with the annual production of the Graduate Catalog. In addition to this annual process, departments may change their areas of concentration at any time without having to do a full curriculum proposal (unless the proposed change would constitute a major shift in the thrust of the program, in which case a more comprehensive curriculum proposal may be required). Any new courses would need to be submitted for approval as New Course Proposals.

To change an area of concentration, the graduate department or program should submit a memo to the Associate Dean of the Graduate School specifying:

If approved by the Graduate School, the changes will appear in the OSU Catalog, and students may use the new area on their programs of study.

Approval & Revisions: Graduate Council, June 2000