Grading Mode

A course is assumed to be letter graded (A-F) unless otherwise indicated. Students may elect to take a letter graded course on an S/US (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) basis.

In addition to traditional letter grading (A–F), departments are authorized to designate Pass/No Credit (P/N) courses, subject to the following guidelines (Academic Regulation 18):

Changing a course from letter grading to P/N grading requires a Category II proposal. However, no curriculum proposal is required to change a course from P/N to letter grading or to change the grading mode for undergraduate Special Topics (X99) courses and 401-410, 506, 1-cr 507, 510, 601, 606, 1-cr 607, 610, 701-710 and 800-level courses.

Grading mode must be identical for all cross-listings of a course.

Designation of courses for P/N grading must be completed prior to the opening of the term in which the course is offered and normally prior to preparation of the Schedule of Classes. Under normal circumstances, once students have enrolled in current term courses, changes in grading mode for that term will not be made.

With the exception of the blanket numbered and Special Topics courses listed above, courses graded on a P/N credit basis contain the statement, "Graded P/N" as part of the course description in the OSU Catalog. Courses that do not contain that statement are letter graded.

Departments must make the grading mode clear during initial class periods and in course syllabi or other materials.

Additional Information: Academic Regulation 18b; Category II Proposals