Expiration of Courses Not Taught Within Three Years

Authorization for permanent courses that are not taught at least once in three consecutive academic years will expire. This policy does not apply to blanket numbered courses and special topics courses. Departments will be informed of the course to be dropped, and they may extend the expiration date if there is a plausible reason, by requesting an extension on the form sent by The Office of Academic Programs, Assessment, and Accreditation (APAA).

Any course expired because it has not been taught at least once in three consecutive years will be reinstated automatically upon request to APAA, if no more than three years have passed since the authorization expired. Any course that has not been taught for six consecutive years will require a New Course Proposal to reinstate it.

Approval & Revisions: Faculty Senate 10/05/89; Curriculum Council 10/19/95 Additional Information: Curriculum Council minutes #95-6.03; Courses Not Taught - current year documents