Crosslisted Courses

Crosslisting a course is a mechanism to facilitate multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary instruction.  Crosslisted courses are offered by more than one department and a) contain the same title, credits, description, and prerequisites; and b) include a distinctive statement at the end of the description to indicate that the course is crosslisted.

Each participating unit must share in the development and teaching of the course.  Proposing or changing a crosslisted course requires a Change or New Course proposal and can be accomplished with a single proposal, but must include liaison with each participating unit’s department heads/chairs and colleges, and with other affected units (i.e. units that may use this course as a prerequisite).

Procedural Change:

When a proposal to create or change a crosslisting reaches the Curriculum Coordinator, an administrative record will be created in the system for the other course(s).  The system will illuminate any additional liaison that may need to be added to the original proposal.

Revised Policy: Curriculum Council, January 29, 2010.