Certificates - Non-Credit

Non-credit certificates authenticate a learning experience that does not involve university credits that could be part of a degree. Non-credit certificates do not appear on a transcript. Non-credit certificates are of two overlapping kinds: those that testify merely to participation and those that are professional in nature.

Non-credit certificates must be reviewed in a process parallel to the Category I process, unless excluded by OUS.

Non-credit certificates may require 800-level courses, as long as these are properly identified as "in-service" or courses aimed at practicing professional skills with no academic assessment or credit that would lead to a university degree. Requests for new 800-level courses must be submitted as Category II proposals.

Non-credit certificates are not transcript-visible, but will be reviewed in a process similar to a Category II proposal if they require any credit courses (XX 001-899) or have other official OSU visibility.

Approval & Revisions: Curriculum Council 2/19/04 Additional Information: OUS Outline for New Certificates; Category I Proposals; Category II Proposals; Curriculum Council minutes 2/19/04