Baccalaureate Core (Bacc Core)

The Bacc Core is Oregon State University's general education requirement, emphasizing writing, creative thinking, cultural diversity, the arts, science, literature, life-long fitness, and global awareness. The curricular structure of the Baccalaureate Core is progressive, consisting of various categories of courses organized into Skills, Perspectives, and Synthesis tiers, together with a Difference, Power, and Discrimination requirement and a Writing Intensive Course requirement. A current list of approved Bacc Core courses can be found in the OSU Catalog. The curricular structure and effectiveness of the Bacc Core is the purview of the Baccalaureate Core Committee of the Faculty Senate.

To add or remove Bacc Core status from an existing course, submit a Change Course proposal via the Curriculum Proposal System.

Additional Information: Baccalaureate Core Courses (OSU Catalog); Baccalaureate Core Requirements; Baccalaureate Core Category Learning Outcomes, Criteria, and Rationale; Baccalaureate Core Committee of the Faculty Senate