Advertising - Timing of Advertisement for New Programs Pending Approval

The guiding policy for advertising new academic programs which are still undergoing the review and approval process is that the content in the media should be literally accurate and not capable of being misinterpreted.

Proposed academic programs in the approval process may be advertised as "Pending OSU and OUS approval" when the final version of the proposal has been submitted to the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate for review. Proposed programs may be advertised as "Pending OUS approval" when the proposal has been approved by OSU, and has been submitted to the OUS Chancellor's Office for review by the OUS Provosts' Council and the Oregon State Board of Higher Education, Academic Strategies Committee.

Approved: Curriculum Council April 15, 2004.

Revised: APAA August 13, 2012.

Additional Information: Curriculum Council Minutes April 15, 2004.