Writing Intensive Requirement for Double Degree and Dual Major

The purpose of the Writing Intensive requirement is to ensure that each graduate is prepared to write in the discourse, conventions, and genres of his or her major field.

A student completing requirements for two majors including Double Degrees as well as dual majors (one degree with two majors) may request that one WIC course satisfy the WIC requirement for graduation in both majors.

This opportunity is available if and only if:

1. The discourse, written conventions, and genres of the two majors are closely related,


2. The substitution of a WIC course from one major for that in another major is approved in writing by the Chairs or Heads of both departments involved and the approval is placed in the student's academic file.

Students and advisors should be aware that in some cases, the WIC course in a major is an integral part of the degree and substitution may not be appropriate. The final decision rests with the Department Chair or Head.

Approval & Revisions:Baccalaureate Core Committee 5/2/05