Special Topics

Special topics courses (X99), like blanket-numbered courses, may be repeated without limit by students. This is an "automatic" feature for X99 courses. Further, it is implied, but not monitored centrally, that the course content is different each time the student takes the course (unless the student is taking the course over to replace a grade as specified under Academic Regulation 20). Each academic unit monitors the repeatability characteristic of X99 courses to avoid abuse of this feature by repeating the same course over and over again. Inserting a phrase in the course description indicating that the course may be repeated more than once is at the discretion of the academic unit.

Unless there is a specific limit placed on the number of times an X99 course may be taken, special topics courses are encoded with "99" in the credit field of Banner, allowing for indefinite repeatability capacity of that particular topics course.

Special topics courses do not require a Category II proposal. To request a new special topics course, contact the Office of Academic Programs, Assessment, and Accreditation for approval: 541-737-9560.

Additional Information: Course Numbering Guidelines