Review of Academic Programs - Three- and Five-Year Follow Up Reviews of New Programs

All new degree and certificate programs approved through the Curriculum Proposal process will be reviewed after they commence. Both reviews are initiated by the Office of Academic Planning and Assessment (APAA).

Three-Year Follow Up Reviews

The objective of the three-year review is to ensure the long-term success of the initiative. The review is designed to assess if adequate progress is being made toward the goals of the initiative, whether resources promised have materialized, and whether changes need to be made to the goals and resource commitments of the initiative due to any changes in academic or budget environment.

The review will require a 2 to 3-page report from the unit(s) administering the new program addressing the following questions (APAA may request additional information or supportive documentation if needed):

It is expected that the unit(s) will engage their faculty and college administration, as appropriate, in preparing the report.

A conversation will be initiated with appropriate individuals only if the report indicates lack of progress in achieving intended goals and/or if there is a major shift in priorities significantly impacting the initiative. Unless a compelling case can be made for continuation of a program that is not making significant progress, that program would be closed following a timeline that minimizes impact on students.

Five-Year Follow Up Reviews

The unit(s) administering the new program will be asked to submit a 2-3 page report to APAA following the OUS Outline for Five Year Follow Up of New Academic Programs.

Approval & Revisions: Memo from Associate Provost on 2-Yr Follow Up policy, 2/25/04; Revised 10/06 Additional Information: OUS Outline for Five-Year Follow Up Review of New Academic Program