Review of Academic Programs - Periodic Academic Program Reviews (Undergraduate, Graduate, and Joint)

The faculty is responsible for the quality of instructional programs at Oregon State University. The Curriculum Council and the Graduate Council of the Faculty Senate have oversight responsibility for periodic in-depth reviews of all instructional programs. Implementation of these reviews is coordinated by the Graduate School (for graduate and joint graduate/undergraduate reviews) and by the Office of Academic Programs, Assessment, and Accreditation (for undergraduate reviews).

All academic programs will be reviewed approximately once every 10 years. The reviews follow a standard format, which includes a comprehensive self-study report prepared by the department or program and a site visit by a review team consisting of external disciplinary peers as well as non-disciplinary peers from OSU. A member of the Curriculum Council or the Graduate Council chairs the review committee. A final report on the program is prepared by the review committee, which is discussed with the department or unit and ultimately forwarded to the provost.

For more information, see the guidelines for Undergraduate Academic Program Reviews or contact the Graduate School.

Additional Information: UAPR Guidelines