Proposals - Revising or Proposing New Curriculum (Category II Proposal Instructions)

Category II proposals are used to designate curricular changes that require approval only at the University level. There are two types, Full and Abbreviated. Most changes are Abbreviated Category IIs and include the following: creating new permanent courses, establishing new minors or options, changing existing permanent courses including adding/deleting BCC or WIC status, dropping existing permanent courses, creating experimental "X" courses, changing grading modes, changing requirements for majors, minors, and options, and changing admission or retention standards for an undergraduate major.

When proposals have a University impact that may require a broader review, they are classified as Full Category IIs. Full Category IIs are curricular changes that have significant financial or curricular impact beyond the proposing unit requiring a broader review and approval process. The Director of Academic Planning and Assessment, and the Curriculum Council Chair(s) will jointly decide if a proposal meets the requirements of a Full Category II. Full Category IIs will be reviewed by the full Curriculum Council and may also require additional approval by the Budgets and Fiscal Planning Committee and the Faculty Senate.

See Category II Proposals for instructions on submitting a proposal, a flow chart of the stages of approval, and a database for tracking and viewing current and past proposals.

Additional Information: Category II Proposals