Generating a Report for All Individual Courses in a Unit

How to Download a Batch Report of All individual Course Evaluations in a Unit per Term

  • Login to eSET
  • Click on the link “Report Browser”
  • Select the appropriate term, school and/or department OR under “Term” leave “All” selected and in the search field enter a term (e.g. last name if you are looking for an instructor)
  • In the middle of the screen is a blue link “view all.” Click on that link.
  • At the top of the table that lists the courses, select the “Action” box. This will check all of the courses. You can select of deselect courses to customize the export.
  • Click on the orange link at the bottom of the page called “Create Batch File”
  • Select either “Batch PDF reports” or “batch quantitative Excel.”

NOTE: The batch pdf reports take a while to download and have individual reports that have to be opened one-by-one. If you want all of the evaluations in one file, then select Excel (it also downloads much more quickly).