APAA - Assessment

University Assessment Council Membership

List revised on April 10, 2013


Anita Azarenko
Graduate School
Randy Bell
College of Education
Bill Bogley
Academic Programs, Assessment & Accreditation
Susie Brubaker-Cole Academic Success and Engagement
Salvador Castillo Institutional Research
Stefani Dawn Academic Programs, Assessment & Accreditation
Penny Diebel College of Agricultural Sciences
Toni Doolen Honors College
Theresa Filtz College of Pharmacy
Larry Flick College of Education
Kevin Gable Faculty Senate
Anita Grunder College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
Marla Hacker Cascades Campus
Mark Hoffman College of Public Health and Human Sciences
Kate Hunter-Zaworski Faculty Senate
Christine Kelly
College of Engineering
Prem Mathew
College of Business
Brenda McComb
Graduate School
Michael Oriard College of Liberal Arts
Vincent Remcho College of Science
Randy Rosenberger College of Forestry
Rebecca Sanderson Student Affairs
Richard Stoddart Library
Susan Tornquist College of Veterinary Medicine
Janine Trempy College of Science
Julie Walkin International Programs
Becky Warner  Academic Affairs
Ann Zweber College of Pharmacy