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University Assessment Council (UAC)


The purpose of the University Assessment Council is to provide leadership  for the ongoing development of rigorous assessment practices across campus.  The Council seeks to foster full faculty participation in student learning outcome based assessment to ensure excellence in learning for students at OSU. The Council will serve as a learning group as well as a group dedicated to action and change.

  • Be a learning community where the exchange of ideas and information on assessment is used to stimulate projects, units and individuals
  • Keep the university community appraised of expectations for assessment related to our regional accreditation standards and best practices for institutions in higher education
  • Guide overarching assessment projects
  • Investigate potential reward structures for excellence  in the area of assessment
  • Promote collaboration, optimizing the use of shared tools and resources among units

The University Assessment Council will be composed of invited representatives from all areas of the University: academic, administrative and support.

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