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Undergraduate, Professional Degree, and Academic Student Support Program Assessment

Annual Report

The same annual report template should be used for all Undergraduate Degree Programs, Professional Degrees, and Academic Support Units

What is this report asking for? 

This report is asking for a clear, succinct accounting of full-cycle assessment activities for each program. This means the program needs to engage in and report the following: 

  • Clear, measurable student learning outcomes that represent the knowledge, skills, and values a student earning that degree or participating in that program would possess upon completion.
  • A plan to measure all outcomes within 5 years.
  • Each year one or more of the program outcomes must be in some stage of the assessment cycle (data collection, review/consideration of the data, implementation of changes as a result of the data) such that ALL outcomes have been assessed and reported in a period of 5 years.   A cycle of fewer than 5 years is fine. If the program has fewer than 5 outcomes, it will be on a shorter cycle (e.g. 4 outcomes = 4 or fewer years. 
  • Each outcome must have at least one direct measure identified and aligned to it, but more than one measure is best practice and far more reliable.  Indirect measures can be used to support or triangulate the data from the direct measures.
  • How the student learning data was used to inform programmatic decision-making to maximize student learning and improve the strength, effectiveness, and efficiency of the program.                


  • If the program has more than 10 different outcomes and needs a longer cycle, please contact the APAA to develop an alternative plan. We are glad to work with you.  
  • If programs are in the developmental phases for program-level assessment and/or have new learning outcomes, start with assessing FEWER outcomes and ASSESS THEM WELL!                                          
  • In some cases indirect measures are the primary means of data collection. This is the exception rather than the rule. If indirect measures are the sole source of  data, then please provide an explanation for its selection. 
  • We are here to help! Please reach out to the assessment coordinators in APAA if you would like help designing an efficient assessment plan.
  • For assistance and step-by-step instructors for any of the components of the report, see our handouts and guides in APAA Assessment Resources.

Why are we asking for this?                       

  • The number one reason we are asking for this information is to ensure the use of evidence and data to inform curricula and pedagogy.
  • Just as in our scholarly and creative work, evidence and data are essential supplements to the professional competence and commitment that we dedicate to our students.          
  • Additional reasons, which should be compelling to educators and members of the academic community, are that we owe it to the the students and we must demonstrate genuine, full cycle assessment to our accrediting body, the NWCCU. Remember, accreditation is voluntary but necessary.

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