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Graduate Assessment Plans

Updated: December 2011

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College of Agricultural Sciences

Agricultural Education and General Agriculture, [MAg] [MS]

Animal and Rangeland Sciences, [MS and PhD]

Applied Systematics in Botany [PSM]

Biological and Ecological Engineering, [MS] [PhD]

Botany and Plant Pathology, [MS] [PhD]

Crop Science [MS] [PhD]

Fisheries and Wildlife [Graduate Certificate] [MS] [PhD]

Fisheries Management, [Graduate Certificate]

Fisheries and Wildlife Administration, [PSM]

Food Science and Technology, [MS] [PhD]

Horticulture, [MS] [PhD]

Soil Science, [MS] [PhD]

Toxicology [MS and PhD]

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College of Business

Business Administration, [MBA]

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College of Education

Adult Education, [EdM]

College Student Services Administration, [EdM and MS]

Counseling, [MS] [PhD]

Education, [EdM] [EDD and PhD]

Science and Mathematics Education, [FCL - MS] [K12 - MS] [PTE - MS] [PhD]

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College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences

Geographic Information Science, [Graduate Certificate]

Geology / Geography, [MS] [PhD]

Marine Resources Management, [MS]

Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, [MS] [PhD]

Water Conflict Management and Transformation, [Graduate Certificate]

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College of Engineering

Biological and Ecological Engineeringm [MS] [PhD]

Chemical Engineering, [MEng] [MS] [PhD]

Civil Engineering, [MEng] [MS] [PhD]

Computer Science, [MEng] [MS] [PhD]

Construction Engineering Management, [MBE]

Electrical and Computer Engineering, [MEng] [MS] [PhD]

Industrial Engineering, [MEng] [MS] [PhD]

Materials Science, [MS] [PhD]

Mechanical Engineering, [MEng] [MS] [PhD]

Medical Physics, [MMP] [MS] [PhD]

Nuclear Engineering, [MEng] [MS] [PhD]

Radiation Health Physics, [MHP] [MS] [PhD

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College of Forestry

Forest Ecosystems and Society, [MF] [MS] [PhD]

Natural Resources, [MNR]

Sustainable Forest Management, [MF] [MS] [PhD]

Sustainable Natural Resources, [Graduate Certificate]

Wood Science, [MS] [PhD]

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College of Public Health and Human Sciences

Design and Human Environment, [MA / MS] [PhD]

Exercise and Sport Science, [MS] [PhD]

Health Management and Policy, [MPH]

Human Development and Family Sciences, [MS] [PhD]

Nutrition, [MS] [PhD]

Public Health, [MPH] [MS] [PhD]

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College of Liberal Arts

Applied Anthropology, [MA] [PhD]

Applied Ethics, [MA]

Contemporary Hispanic Studies, [MS]

Creative Writing, [MFA]

English, [MA]

History of Science, [MA] [MS] [PhD]

Public Policy, [MPP] [PhD]

Women Studies [MA]

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College of Pharmacy

Pharmacy, [MS] [PhD]

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College of Science

Biochemistry and Biophysics, [MS] [PhD]

Chemistry, [MS] [PhD]

Management for Science Professionals, [Graduate Certificate]

Mathematics, [MS] [PhD]

Microbiology, [MS] [PhD]

Physics, [MS] [PhD]

Applied Physics, [PSM]

Statistics, [MS] [PhD]

Zoology, [MS] [PhD]

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College of Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Science [MS]

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Graduate School - Interdisciplinary/Institutional Programs

Applied Economics, [MS] [PhD]

Environmental Science, [PSM] [MS] [PhD]

Interdisciplinary Studies, [MAIS]

Molecular and Cellular Biology, [MS] [PhD]

Applied Biotechnology, [PSM]

Water Resources Engineering, [MS] [PhD]

Water Resources Policy and Management, [MS]

Water Resources Science, [MS] [PhD]

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