APAA - Assessment

First Professional Degrees Assessment

There are two First Professional Degrees

  1. Doctor of Pharmacy
  2. The Doctor of Pharmacy program is a 4-year professional degree program. The first three years include didactic coursework integrated with introductory and advanced experiential rotations. The fourth year of the program consists of seven 6-week advanced practice rotations in required (ambulatory care, institutional, community, rural/underserved) and elective specialty settings. Graduates of OSU’s Pharm D program have a Bachelor of Science degree in addition to the Pharm.D. degree. The Doctor of Pharmacy Program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education. A variety of assessment tools are used throughout the program to assess program goals and student knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Assessment tools include surveys, focus groups, projects, presentations, patient care skills demonstrations, written exams, preceptor evaluations and graduate performance on the national licensing exam.

  3. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  4. The program leading to the DVM degree is an intensive 4 year program of study that emphasizes the importance in core training in comparative biology and medicine including all core primary clinical disciplines and domestic animal species. In the fourth year, students have an individualized curriculum consisting of core rations and elective courses and preceptor ship opportunities in various specialties and general practices. Students are assessed on 9 core competencies as determined by the American Veterinary Medical Association Council on Education, the accrediting body for schools of veterinary medicine in North America. Assessment is performed in a variety of manners including evaluation of clinical technical skills, communication skills, knowledge base, and problem-solving abilities in clinical settings as well as by written and laboratory examinations and exercises and oral presentations.