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Workshops have been and will continue to be offered to orient faculty to the Baccalaureate Core Category Course Review process. Below are dates and locations for future workshops, as well as resources from previous workshops. If you would like to schedule a workshop in your college or department, please contact us.

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Support Tools

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Proposing a new Baccalaureate Core Course Support tools are forthcoming.  
Blank Templates


NOTE: These forms are from the 2013-14 review. They are in the process of being updated for the 2014-15 review. Although there will be some changes, these forms will give a good idea of the questions.

These are Word documents that contain the same fields as the Category Course Review Form. You can write answers to the open-ended questions in the document and then copy and paste the text into the actual online form.

 Course Review Form Template

Writing Intensive Courses Category Course Review Template


Example Responses Are you wondering how much information to include in your submission? These documents provide examples repsonses.

Example responses (strong and weak) from the Synthesis review

Example Responses - Multi-Section Course

WIC - Example Response

Baccalaureate Core Category  Student Learning Outcomes

The corresponding Baccalaureate Core Category Student Learning Outcomes must be included word-for-word on Bacc Core course syllabi.

There are additional responsibilities for instructors of Baccalaureate Core courses.

Baccalaureate Core Category Student Learning Outcomes

Responsibilities of Instructors of Bacc Core courses

Tracking Tools

It is helpful to develop a system for tracking assessment results over time.

One link to the right is to an Excel spreadsheet that already has the Bacc Core SLOs built into the fields. The spreadsheet may be particularly useful if there are multiple sections of a course or if your course covers more than one Baccalaureate Core category. Tracking examples are provided n the spreadsheet.

The other link is to a Word document that provides an example of a simple outcomes and assessment tracking system using a table format.



Tracking Table  - Example