APAA - Assessment


We are here to help make the Baccalaureate Core Category Course Review a smooth and meaningful process for individual instructors and department and college administrators alike. If you would like help with any aspect of this process please contact:

Some examples of how we can help include:

  • meeting with individual faculty to identify and align existing assessments used in a course to address relevant Baccalaureate Core Category Learning Outcomes;
  • meeting with groups of instructors teaching different sections of a course to help complete the review form or internally evaluate a course for your own curiosity and benefit;
  • helping colleges and departments help their faculty;
  • identifying efficient ways to align program-level (degree assessment) with Baccalaureate Core assessment
  • identifying how the Office of Academic Programs, Assessment and Accreditation can better support colleges and departments in this process;
  • meeting with groups of faculty for Q & A sessions;
  • setting up college- or department-specific workshops on the Baccalaureate Core review process, how to do course-level assessment meaningfully and efficiently, writing-specific assessment workshops, etc.