APAA - Assessment

Speech, Mathematics, Fitness and various WIC Category Review

Speech, Mathematics, Fitness and WIC: Colleges - CAS, COB, and PHHS - Category Review Calendar*

*exact dates to be finalized

Late July 2013 Course contacts are informed of syllabi corrections that need to be made (inclusion of the Baccalaureate Core Category Student Learning Outcomes on all syllabi) or additional information that needs to be submitted for the review.

Mid August 2013

Departments and Schools receive copies of the Baccalaureate Core Course Evaluation submissions for their records and review. This is assembled and shared by the Office of Academic Programs, Assessment and Accreditation (APAA).

Mid-October 2013

The APAA finalizes the report to submit to the BCC and Department Chairs/Associate Dean. NOTE: The APAA is responsible for assembling and preseting the data/information to the BCC, who makes all decisions about courses.

December 2013

Departments and Schools receive BCC recommendations for courses. Full report is uploaded into the BEAVERS SharePoint Learning Outcomes Tracking System.

January 2015

Follow-up reporting for courses that received specific recommendations.


Interim reporting for all speech, mathematics, fitness and relevant WIC courses.