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Teaching to Improve Learning

TitleTeaching to Improve Learning
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsCox, M. D., and L. Richlin
JournalJournal on Excellence in College Teaching
Start Page9

This annual journal's premier issue features the work, thoughts, adventures, and musings of distinguished and respected teachers. An introduction reports that the journal was born of the desire by faculty to recognize college teaching as a profession and to bring to it its own language and traditions and to establish an academic culture for college teaching. The twelve papers are as follows: "Loving Teaching" (Peter G. Beidler); "Teaching to Improve Learning" (K. Patricia Cross); "Using Traditional Versus Naturalistic Approaches to Assess Learning Styles in College Teaching" (Tony Grasha); "Improving Learning by Combining Critical Thinking Skills with Psychological Type" (Dennis E. Campbell and Carl L. Davis); "Issues of Gender in Teaching and Learning" (Blythe McVicker Clinchy);"Student Involvement in Learning: Cooperative Learning and College Instruction" (Jim Cooper and Randall Mueck); "Critical Discourses: Collaborative Learning in Literary Studies" (Cyndia Susan Clegg); "Teaching With Cases" (Rita Silverman and William M. Welty); "Researching While Teaching: A Collaborative Action Research Model to Improve College Teaching" (Michael Schratz); "The Multiple-Paths Faculty Evaluation System" (Harvey Brightman and others); "From the Other Side: An American Teacher in China" (Peter G. Beidler); and "Dreams and Questions: Some Reflections on Teaching" (John K. Roth). References accompany papers.