APAA - Assessment

Streams of Thought About Assessment

TitleStreams of Thought About Assessment
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference1990
AuthorsCross, P. K.
Conference NameThe AAHE Assessment Forum
Date Published06/1990
PublisherAmerican Association for the Study of Higher Education
Conference LocationWashington, DC

Three papers from the American Association for Higher Education conference in 1990 are presented. The first, "Streams of Thought about Assessment" by K. Patricia Cross, discusses three strands of interest in assessment aimed at educational improvement. These three movements are: (1) state-level accountability; (2) institutional assessment; and (3) classroom assessment. The assessment movement appears to be approaching a confluence of these three streams. The second paper, "The Truth May Make You Free, But the Test May Keep You Imprisoned: Toward Assessment Worthy of the Liberal Arts" by Grant Wiggins, explores the shifts that would have to occur to make assessment really appropriate for a liberal arts education. Ten principles are offered to avoid the pitfalls of treating assessment in higher education as mere certification that a student possesses sanctioned knowledge. The third paper, "Assessment and the Way We Work" by Pat Hutchings, considers the relationship between assessment and learning in the real world of higher education. The real issue in education is not mere assessment, but rather the ways in which faculty work for learning.