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Faculty Development for Learning: The Promise of Classroom Research

TitleFaculty Development for Learning: The Promise of Classroom Research
Publication TypeBook Chapters
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsAngelo, T. A.
Book TitleTo Improve the Academy
PublisherNew Forums Press, Inc.
CityStillwater, OK

A collection of 16 articles addressing the future of faculty and instructional development in higher education is presented. The articles are categorized under four main subject headings: (1) Faculty Development: Where It Is; Where It's Going; (2) Building Successful Faculty Development Programs; (3) Issues and Approaches in Faculty and Instructional Development; and (4) Improving Teaching and Learning. Each essay includes a reference list. Articles have the following titles and authors: "Playing God in Academe" (Raymond J. Rodrigues); "Faculty Development: The Why and the How of It" (Joseph B. Cuseo); "Faculty Development" for "Learning: The Promise of Classroom Research" (Thomas A. Angelo); "The Words Made Fresh: Transforming the Language and the Context of Faculty Development" (Marie Wunsch); "Support from the Administration: A Case Study in the Implementation of a Grassroots Faculty Development Program" (Harry G. Lang and James J.DeCaro); "Designing Program Evaluations: A Circular Model" (Robert J. Menges and Marilla Svinicki); "Faculty Development Can Change the Culture of a College" (Ann S. Ferren); "The FIPSE-CSULB Mentoring Project for New Faculty" (Robert Boice and Jimmie L. Turner); "Using Video Recall for Improving Professional Competency in Instructional Consultation" (David Taylor-Way and Kathleen T. Brinko); "Promoting Critical Thinking among Faculty about Grades" (James Eison et al.); "Graduate Teaching Assistants' Views on Teaching" (James M. Shaeffer et al.); "Summer Research Appointments at Federal Research Laboratories" (Robert A. Lucas);"Discussion Method Teaching: A Practical Guide" (William M. Welty); "Feminist Pedagogy and Education in Values" (Mark T. Brown); "The Challenge to Critical Thinking Posed by Gender-Related and Learning Styles Research" (N, Neil Brown et al.); "Helping to Make Connections: Emphasizing the Role of the Syllabus" (Barbara J. Millis).