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Classroom Research: Helping Professors Learn More About Teaching and Learning

TitleClassroom Research: Helping Professors Learn More About Teaching and Learning
Publication TypeBook Chapters
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsCross, P. K.
Book TitleHow Administrators Can Improve Teaching: Moving from Talk to Action in Higher Education
CitySan Francisco, CA
ISBN Number1-55542-277-2

This collection of 11 papers focuses on the strategies and programs college administrators can use to effect changes needed to achieve teaching excellence. Most papers combine a review of the research and professional literature with the author's personal experience. The first part of the book examines the college and university climate and the way that climate affects the faculty, in two papers: "Academic Environments and Teaching Effectiveness" (Peter Seldin) and "Organizational Impacts on Faculty Morale and Motivation To Teach" (R. Eugene Rice and Ann Austin). The second part focuses on specific strategies for improvement and key changes needed to support and reward teaching. Part II has six papers: "Why Good Teaching Needs Active Leadership" (Madeleine Green); "The Department Chair as Change Agent" (Ann Lucas); "Assessing Teaching Effectiveness" (William Cashin); "Using Evaluative Information To Improve Instruction" (Robert Menges); "Classroom Research: Helping Professors Learn More about Teaching and Learning" (K. Patricia Cross); and "Linking Campus and State Initiatives" (Arthur Chickering and David Potter). Part III presents real-world examples and key recommendations in three papers: "Ichabod Crane Dies Hard: Renewing Professional Commitments to Teaching" (Harriet Sheridan); "Leadership in Action: A Campuswide Effort To Strengthen Teaching" (Robert McCabe and Mardee Jenrette); and "Summary and Recommendations for Academic Leaders" (Peter Seldin). References accompany the papers.