APAA - Assessment

Annual Program Assessment and Reporting

Academic Program Assessment at OSU:

Our culture at OSU values the autonomy of each department; their expertise is vital to establishing the standards of competence for students in their discipline. Therefore, the greatest energy and resources will be focused on departments to facilitate the articulation and practice of evidence based decision making. To demonstrate this, each program must submit an annual report describing how the program is conducting full-cycle assessment of student learning outcomes.


Figure: Full Cycle Assessment Phases

Annual Reporting:

Each year an assessment report detailing full-cycle assessment of student learning in each program is due to the APAA office.

The reporting deadline for all assessment reports is now April 15th for  both graduate and undergraduate programs. The report should reflect assessment efforts and the changes informed by the results using data from the previous academic year.

For more information about the undergraduate, professional degree, and support program annual reporting process and changes please see our FAQs.


Quick Links for Assessment Reporting:

Graduate Assessment Report Template

Undergraduate Assessment Report Template

SharePoint Instructions (for submitting your assessment report)

Access SharePoint (upload or access asessment reports)