Assessment Development Travel Funds


The Office of Academic Programs, Assessment and Accreditation (APAA) is requesting applications from OSU faculty members to support development and enhancement of assessment of student learning at OSU. Eligible uses of funds include conference or workshop participation (presenting is not a requirement), or visits to other institutions. The primary purpose of the trip must be to learn about assessment methods that can be imported to OSU in order to expand assessment capacity at OSU. This includes course or program level assessment, including assessment of the Baccalaureate Core Category Learning Outcomes.

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  • Contact,  Bill Bogley, Director of Academic Programs, Assessment & Accreditation, 541-737-7463,bill.bogley@oregonstate.edu
  • PROPOSAL PERIOD: There is a rolling proposal deadline. Initial award announcements can be made  as early as February 1, 2013. Proposals will be accepted until June 15, 2013. This RFP will close when available funds have been committed.