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Academic Programs, Assessment, and Accreditation
Oregon State University
500 Kerr Administration Building
Corvallis, OR 97331-8572
Fax: 541-737-8082


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Prem Mathew
Interim Director - Assessment
Phone: 541-737-6030
Email: prem.mathew@bus.oregonstate.edu
  • Undergraduate program assessment
  • Baccalaureate Core assessment
  • Statewide and national initiatives
  • University Assessment Council
Janine Trempy
Interim Director - Academic Programs
Phone: 541-737-4447
Email: trempyj@oregonstate.edu
  • Undergraduate Academic Program Reviews
  • Academic policies
Gary L. Beach
Senior Curriculum Coordinator
Phone: 541-737-2815
Email: gary.beach@oregonstate.edu
  • Program Proposals
  • Program Articulation Agreements
Cheryl Hagey
Curriculum Coordinator
Phone: 541-737-9560
Email: curriculumcoordinator@oregonstate.edu
  • Courses
  • Options
  • Minors
  • Courses Not Taught
Chrysanthemum Mattison Hayes
Assessment Analyst
Phone: 541-737-5605
Email: chrysanthemum.hayes@oregonstate.edu
  • Undergraduate program assessment 
  • Student Success & Retention data analysis
  • New Curriculum Proposal System
Heath Henry
Assessment Coordinator
Phone: 541-737-9650
Email: heath.henry@oregonstate.edu
  • Baccalaureate Core assessment
  • Multi-State Collaborative
Beverly Dirks
Administrative Program Assistant
Phone: 541-737-7463
Email: beverly.dirks@oregonstate.edu
  • SharePoint Permissions
  • eSet Permissions
  • eSet Reports