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MOU Process for offering existing OSU approved programs at OSU-Cascades

Each OSU department is responsible for the quality and health of its programs that are offered at OSU-Cascades. In order to make an existing degree or certificate program available at OSU Cascades, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is required.

  • A Proposal Guide outlines the information required to create an MOU. Approval by the department's Corvallis unit head and Dean and the Cascades-based Program Leader, Dean and Vice President is indicated on the MOU signature page. The proposal should be developed with the faculty of both campuses serving an advisory role.
  • A library resource review must be attached to the MOU. Contact Kate Gronemyer at 541-322-3163, the OSU Librarian at OSU-Cascades.
  • The MOU proposal should be submitted to the Office of Academic Programs, Assessment and Accreditation for review and coordination through the curricular review process. Please contact Gary Beach at 541-737-2815.
  • It the proposal is a graduate program, the proposal will be fowarded to the Graduate Council and the Dean of the Graduate School for approval.
  • All MOU's require approval by the Curriculum Council.
The review is to ensure:
  • Strength, viability, consistency of assessment, and quality;
  • Adequacy of resources;
  • Consistency with OSU policies and procedures.

The Office of Academic Programs, Assessment and Accreditation supports curricular proposal processes. Feel free to contact us at 541-737-7463 if you need help during the proposal process.