APAA - Academic Programs

Welcome! APAA facilitates and coordinates the preparation, oversight, and implementation of academic programs and courses.

List of Course Designators

Code Description College
ACTG Accounting College of Business
AED Agricultural Education College of Agricultural Sciences
AG Agriculture-General College of Agricultural Sciences
AHE Adult Ed and Higher Ed Leadershp College of Education
ALS Academic Learning Services Office of Academic Affairs
AMS American Studies Program College of LiberalArts
ANS Animal Sciences College of Agricultural Sciences
ANTH Anthropology College of LiberalArts
ARAB Arabic College of LiberalArts
AREC Agricultural and Resource Economics College of Agricultural Sciences
ART Art College of LiberalArts
AS Air Force Studies ROTC
ATS Atmospheric Sciences College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Studies
BA Business Administration College of Business
BB Biochemistry and Biophysics College of Science
BEE Biological and Ecological Engineering College of Engineering
BI Biology College of Science
BIOE Biological Engineering College of Engineering
BOT Botany and Plant Pathology College of Science
BRR Bioresource Research Interdisciplinary Studies
CE Civil Engineering College of Engineering
CEM Construction Engineering Management College of Engineering
CH Chemistry College of Science
CHE Chemical Engineering College of Engineering
CHN Chinese College of LiberalArts
CLA College of Liberal Arts College of Liberal Arts
COMM Communication College of LiberalArts
COUN Counseling School of Education
CROP Crop Science College of Agricultural Sciences
CS Computer Science College of Engineering
CSS Crop and Soil Science College of Agricultural Sciences
CSSA College Student Services Administration Graduate School
CST OIT-Computer System Technology OSU Cascades
DHE Design and Human Environment College of Public Health and Human Sciences
ECE Electrical and Computer Engineering College of Engineering
ECON Economics College of LiberalArts
ED Education School of Education
EECS Electrical Engineering and Computer Science College of Engineering
ENG English College of LiberalArts
ENGR Engineering Science College of Engineering
ENSC Environmental Sciences College of Science
ENT Entomology College of Science
ENVE Environmental Engineering College of Engineering
ES Ethnic Studies College of LiberalArts
ESE Energy Systems Engineering College of Engineering
EXSS Exercise and Sport Science College of Public Health and Human Sciences
FCSE Family and Consumer Science Ed. College of Public Health and Human Sciences
FE Forest Engineering College of Forestry
FES Forest Ecosystems and Society College of Forestry
Film School of Writing, Literature and Film
FIN Finance College of Business
FLL Foreign Languages and Literature College of LiberalArts
FOR Forest Resources College of Forestry
FR French College of LiberalArts
FS Forest Science College of Forestry
FST Food Science and Technology College of Agricultural Sciences
FW Fisheries and Wildlife College of Agricultural Sciences
GD Graphic Design College of Business
GEN Genetics College of Agricultural Sciences
GEO Geosciences College of Science
GEOG Geography College of Science
GER German College of LiberalArts
GPH Geophysics College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences
GRAD Graduate Graduate School
GS General Science College of Science
H Public Health College of Public Health and Human Sciences
HC Honors College Honors College
HDFS Human Dev and Family Sciences College of Public Health and Human Sciences
HHS HHS - Lifetime Fitness College of Public Health and Human Sciences
HORT Horticulture College of Agricultural Sciences
HST History College of LiberalArts
HSTS History of Science College of LiberalArts
IE Industrial Engineering College of Engineering
INTL International Degree Interdisciplinary Studies
IST Interdisciplinary Programs Graduate School
IT Italian College of LiberalArts
JCHS Joint Campus-Health Sciences University OSU Cascades
JCPS Joint Campus-Portland State University OSU Cascades
JCUO Joint Campus-University of Oregon OSU Cascades
JPN Japanese College of LiberalArts
LING Linguistics College of LiberalArts
LS Liberal Studies College of LiberalArts
MATS Materials Science Interdisciplinary Programs
MB Microbiology College of Science
MCB Molecular and Cellular Biology College of Science
ME Mechanical Engineering College of Engineering
MGMT Management College of Business
MIME Mechanical, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering College of Engineering
MNR Master of Natural Resources College of Forestry
MPP Master of Public Policy College of Liberal Arts
MRKT Marketing College of Business
MRM Marine Resource Management College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences
MS Military Science ROTC
MTH Mathematics College of Science
MUED Music Education College of LiberalArts
MUP Music (Studio) College of LiberalArts
MUS Music College of LiberalArts
NE Nuclear Engineering College of Engineering
NFM Nutrition and Food Management College of Public Health and Human Sciences
NMC New Media Communications College of LiberalArts
NR Natural Resources Interdisciplinary Studies
NS Naval Science ROTC
NUTR Nutrition College of Public Health and Human Sciences
OAAR Overseas Studies: Aarhus, Denmark International Education
OAGD Overseas Studies: Kristiansand, Norway International Education
OAGU Overseas Studies: Tokyo, Aoyama Gakuim University International Education
OAHA Overseas Studies: AHA International International Education
OAIU Overseas Studies: London International Education
OAKI Overseas Studies: Akita, Japan International Education
OANG Overseas Studies: Angers, France International Education
OANU Overseas Studies: Canberra, Australia International Education
OAPI Overseas Studies: Academic Programs International International Education
OATH Overseas Studies: Athens, Greece International Education
OAUC Overseas Studies: Auckland, New Zealand International Education
OBAN Overseas Studies: Bangor, Wales International Education
OBIO Overseas Studies: Chillan, Chile International Education
OBMB Overseas Studies: Bad Mergentheim, Germany International Education
OBUL Overseas Studies: Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria International Education
OBWU Overseas Studies: Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany International Education
OC Oceanography College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Studies
OCAN Overseas Studies: Cantabria, Santander, Spain International Education
OCBS Overseas Studies: Copenhagen, Denmark International Education
OCBY Overseas Studies: Christchurch, New Zealand International Education
OCHK Overseas Studies: Hong Kong, China International Education
OCHU Overseas Studies: Bangkok, Thailand International Education
OCIE Overseas Studies: CIEE study abroad International Education
OCSU Overseas Studies: Bathurst or Wagga, Australia International Education
OCUN Overseas Studies: Beijing, China International Education
ODEA Overseas Studies: Study Center in Australia International Education
ODTU Overseas Studies: Lyngby, Denmark International Education
ODUB Overseas Studies: Dublin, Ireland International Education
OEAS Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences
OECU Overseas Studies: Quito, Ecuador International Education
OEWH Overseas Studies: Seoul, Korea International Education
OFJU Overseas Studies: Taipei, Taiwan International Education
OFJX Overseas Studies: Taipei, Taiwan Fu Jen University International Education
OGHA Overseas Studies: Accra, Ghana International Education
OIFS Overseas Studies: Institute for Study Abroad International Education
OINT Overseas Studies: Internship International Education
OIRP Overseas Studies: International Undergraduate Research Program International Education
OJCU Overseas Studies: Townsville, Australia International Education
OJYV Overseas Studies: Jyvaskyla, Finland International Education
OKEI Overseas Studies: Knowledge Exchange Institute International Education
OLAN Overseas Studies: Lancaster, England International Education
OLON Overseas Studies: London, England International Education
OLUN Overseas Studies: Lund, Sweden International Education
OLYO Overseas Studies: Lyon, France International Education
OMAC Overseas Studies: Macerata, Italy International Education
OMAL Overseas Studies: Nanaimo, Canada International Education
OMEN Overseas Studies: Centers in Czech Republic International Education
OMID Overseas Studies: Russia, Middlebury College International Education
OMOR Overseas Studies: Morelia, Mexico International Education
ONOT Overseas Studies: Nottingham, England International Education
ONZC Overseas Studies: Christchurch, New Zealand International Education
OOVD Overseas Studies: Oviedo, Spain International Education
OPAY Overseas Studies: Chiang Mai, Thailand International Education
OPOI Overseas Studies: Poitiers, France International Education
OPRE Overseas Studies: South Africa International Education
OQUI Overseas Studies: Quito, Ecuador International Education
OROM Overseas Studies: Rome, Italy International Education
OROS Overseas Studies: Rosario, Argentina International Education
ORUS Overseas Studies: Russia, University of Arizona International Education
OSAC Overseas Studies: Florence, Italy International Education
OSEG Overseas Studies: Segovia, Spain International Education
OSFS Overseas Studies: School for Field Studies International Education
OSHF Overseas Studies: University of Sheffield, England International Education
OSIE Overseas Studies: Siena, Italy International Education
OSIP Overseas Studies: Tubingen, Germany International Education
OSIT Overseas Studies: School for International Training International Education
OSTE Overseas Studies: Stellenbosch, South Africa International Education
OSUS Overseas Studies: Sussex, England International Education
OSYD Overseas Studies: Sydney, Australia International Education
OTEC Overseas Studies: Cuernavaca, Guadalajara, Mexico International Education
OTOY Overseas Studies: Tokyo, Japan International Education
OTUN Overseas Studies: Tunis, Tunisia International Education
OUBC Overseas Studies: British Columbia, Canada International Education
OUDL Overseas Studies: Puebla, Mexico (Summer) International Education
OUMA Overseas Studies: Sydney, Australia International Education
OUNB Overseas Studies: Fredericton, Canada International Education
OUSF Overseas Studies: Quito, Ecuador International Education
OUTS Overseas Studies: Sydney, Australia International Education
OVIE Overseas Studies: Vienna, Austria International Education
OVUE Overseas Studies: Vienna, Austria International Education
OWAS Overseas Studies: Tokyo, Japan, Waseda University International Education
OYEU Overseas Studies: Korea International Education
OYON Overseas Studies: Seoul, Korea International Education
PAC Physical Activity Courses College of Public Health and Human Sciences
PAX Peace Studies College of LiberalArts
PBG Plant Breeding and Genetics College of Agricultural Sciences
PH Physics College of Science
PHAR Pharmacy College of Pharmacy
PHL Philosophy College of LiberalArts
PP Plant Physiology Graduate School
PPOL Public Policy Graduate School
PS Political Science College of LiberalArts
PSM Professional Science Masters College of Science
PSY Psychology College of LiberalArts
QS Queer Studies College of Liberal Arts
RHP Radiation Health Physics College of Engineering
RNG Rangeland Ecology and Management College of Agricultural Sciences
RUS Russian College of LiberalArts
SED Science and Mathematics Education College of Science
SNR Sustainable Natural Resource College of Forestry
SOC Sociology College of LiberalArts
SPAN Spanish College of LiberalArts
ST Statistics College of Science
SOIL Soil College of Agricultural Sciences
SUS Sustainability Cascades Campus
TA Theatre Arts College of LiberalArts
TCE Teacher and Counselor Education College of Education
TCS Twentieth Century Studies College of LiberalArts
TOX Toxicology College of Agricultural Sciences
VMB Veterinary Medicine Biomedical College of Veterinary Medicine
VMC Veterinary Medicine Clinical College of Veterinary Medicine
WGSS Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies School of Language, Culture and Society
World Languages and Cultures School of Language, Culture and Society
WR Written English College of LiberalArts
WRE Water Resources Engineering Graduate School
WRP Water Resources Policy and Management Graduate School
WRS Water Resources Science Graduate School
WS Women Studies College of LiberalArts
WSE Wood Science and Engineering College of Forestry
XAE K-12 Alternate Education College of Education
XART K-12 Arts College of Education
XBUS K-12 Business College of Education
XCL K-12 Career Learning College of Education
XENG K-12 English College of Education
XFAM K-12 Fam./Cons. Science College of Education
XH K-12 Health College of Education
XMTH K-12 Math College of Education
XSCI K-12 Science College of Education
XSS K-12 Social Science College of Education
XTEC K-12 Technology College of Education
XWL K-12 World Languages College of Education
YDE 4-H Youth Development Education College of Education
Z Zoology College of Science