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Outline and Guidelines for Abbreviated Category I Proposals

To be used when changing the name of an academic program or unit, moving responsibility for an academic program from one academic unit to another, merging or splitting an academic unit, terminating an academic program or unit, suspending or reactivating an academic program or unit, or any other change requiring an abbreviated Category I proposal.

** Please provide the earliest possible notification of intent to terminate a program to affected students, faculty, and the Office of Academic Programs. Plans to eliminate a program (pending approval) should be noted on your department website and in the general catalog.

For Category I proposal instructions and appendices, see: Category I proposals page.


(Unit or Program Merger, Reorganization, Name Change, Termination, etc.)
[Name(s) of Institution(s)]
[Name(s) of Proposing College(s) or School(s)]
[Name of Proposing Department(s) or Program(s)]
[CIP* Number from the Office of Institutional Research]
*Classification of Instructional Program number
[Date of Proposal]
[Proposed Effective Date or Term]

Provide the following information:

(write "not applicable" if the question does not apply):

  1. Title of the proposed instructional, research, or public service unit. For name changes, give both the current and proposed names. Describe the reason(s) for the proposed change.

  3. Location within the institution's organizational structure. Include "before" and "after" organizational charts (show reporting lines all the way up to the Provost).

  5. Objectives, functions (e.g., instruction, research, public service), and activities of the proposed unit.
    1. Explain how the program or unit's current objectives, functions, and/or activities will be changed. Where applicable, address issues such as course offerings, program requirements, admission requirements, student learning outcomes and experiences, and advising structure and availability. How will the reorganized program be stronger than the existing program?
    2. Explain how outcomes in the newly organized program or unit will be assessed.

  7. Resources needed, if any: personnel, FTE academic, FTE classified, facilities and equipment.
    1. Identify the staffing and resource needs for the proposed program or unit. Note any impact on the budgets of affected programs or units. Provide an analysis of how the resulting programs or units will be adequately staffed and funded.
    2. Explain the extent to which affected faculty and personnel support this change.


  8. Funding sources: state sources (institutional funds - state general fund, tuition and fees, indirect cost recoveries), federal funds, other funds as specified.
    1. Identify the revenue and funding sources for the proposed program or unit (i.e., federal, state, other funding sources).
    2. If new resources will be required (e.g., for new faculty positions, graduate research/teaching assistants, facilities, equipment), explain where these resources will be coming from. Specify whether internal reallocation, college, institution, federal, state, private, or other funding sources. [Note: Deans/chairs/heads/directors of units committed to providing additional resources will be required to sign the proposal.]
    3. Provide an estimated annual budget for the proposed program or unit (see Appendices).

  10. Relationship of the proposed unit to the institutional mission.
    1. How will the proposed program or unit support OSU's mission and goals?
    2. Describe potential positive and negative impact of the proposed change on the program(s) or unit(s) involved. Identify other OSU programs or units which may be affected, and describe the potential positive and negative impact on their mission and activities.

  12. Long-range goals and plans for the unit (including a statement as to anticipated funding sources for any projected growth in funding needs).

  14. Relationship of the proposed unit to programs at other institutions in the state.
    1. What is the current relationship of the proposed program or unit to OUS and other higher education institutions in the state? Describe how this relationship might be altered based on the proposed change.
    2. Describe how the proposed change will affect other constituencies outside of OUS.

  16. If the program is professionally accredited, identify the accrediting body and discuss how the proposed change may affect accreditation.


  • Transmittal Sheet

  • Budget Table (attach current budget and proposed budget)

  • Library Evaluation (attach library evaluation if the proposal involves an academic program that is substantially changed or expanded)

  • Liaison (attach all liaison correspondence, both internal to the college/school and with all affected, or potentially affected, academic units and institutions within or outside of OSU)