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Articulation Advising Guides by OSU College

OSU College Advising Guide
Agricultural Sciences Link to Advising Guide
Business Link to Advising Guide
Education Advising Guide: Oregon community colleges are not listed. General Information about the Education Double Degree Program: (The B.A., B.S. in Education is a concurrent degree program.) 

List of courses that meet content mastery: K-12

Engineering Advising guide currently unavailable.

OSU required courses per major and course schedule

Forestry No Advising Guide.
Health and Human Sciences

OSU Required Courses

OSU-LBCC Articulation Advising Guide-Winter 2009

Liberal Arts

No Advising Guide.

Graduation Requirements

Liberal Arts Core Requirements

Pharmacy No Advising Guide.
Science Link to Advising Guide
Veterinary Medicine

No Advising Guide.

List of prerequisite courses