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Natural Resources

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Discovery in Agriculture

Impact on Organic Production

Potatoes with zing? Researchers Isabel Vales, Solomon Yilma (left) and their team present consumers and farmers with new options.

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Earth Friendly Pest Control

Farms need ecological balance. The same interplay of light, water, chemistry and DNA that generates and sustains life in any natural ecosystem is at work in fields of wheat and rows of beans.

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Mercury Common in Fish

Along with the caddis flies, nymphs and minnows they eat, fish native to Western river systems are ingesting a toxic metal: mercury.

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Tree Too Tall?

Imagine a mature elm tree that would fit nicely on the backyard deck. Or 20–year–old poplar trees, ordinarily more than 100 feet tall, providing golden fall foliage as a nice five–foot hedge in your side yard.