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Earth Systems

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Discovery in the Oceans

Impact on Marine Mammal Management

The gray whales that cruise the West Coast and draw thousands of tourists to coastal communities annually were once in danger of becoming extinct, until laws and scientific knowledge combined to help resource managers nurture their population back to a healthy size.

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Climate Revealed in Ancient Ice

Polar ice holds the history of Earth’s climate. For 15 years, Ed Brook has been reading that record, one cylinder of frozen water at a time. Now he’s planning to drill for the oldest ice sample ever obtained.

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Seismic Risk

When a massive piece of the Indian Ocean seafloor lurched in 2004, the resulting devastation renewed worldwide concerns about tsunami risks. Last May, OSU and Indonesian scientists collaborated in a research project to understand earthquake history in the region.

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Engineer Testifies on Wave Energy

The powerful swells of Oregon’s waves were felt in the halls of Congress last spring. That’s because U.S. representatives heard firsthand about the gathering momentum of OSU–led research into the potential of the ocean’s motion to generate electricity.