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Statewide Stewards
The award-winning Wildlife Stewards program -- a partnership with OSU Extension, 4-H, OSU Master Gardeners, the National Wildlife Federation, U.S. Fish and Wildlife and other state and federal agencies -- is expanding beyond Multnomah County to deliver environmental education programs statewide. The program promotes stewardship among youth by inspiring, educating and connecting communities, schools and natural resource organizations.

Here, students Minh-Ha Vo and Chris Brawner work to create a sustainable wildlife habitat in their Parkrose High School courtyard.



TOPICS:   Listening for Change  Connecting to Oregon  Promoting Good Nutrition  Family Nights at the Creek  Financial Planning for Women  Food Safety for Child Care Providers  OSU Central Oregon  A Distance Learning Partnership  Embracing Diversity
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OSU in the community: learning through listening

Listening for Change
This spring vacation, a group of Oregon State University students participated in a special course that would teach them one of life's underappreciated skills. These OSU students were learning to listen.

The ethnic studies course was called "Cross Cultural Perspectives in Agricultural Labor," but the subtitle, "Learning through Listening," spoke volumes about what the course was trying to accomplish. For one week, these students interviewed migrant workers, farm owners and managers, local school and church leaders, and health and social workers.

After hearing from all sides, the students were asked to describe the overall issues, and the specific viewpoints of each of the stakeholders. "The ability to listen to different perspectives without letting your own biases interfere is a key to initiating real change." said Dwaine Plaza, an assistant professor of sociology at OSU.

back to top Connecting to Oregon
Oregon State University is connected in one way or another to virtually every community in Oregon, through its Extension offices, Agricultural Experiment Station branches, research programs and centers, public outreach initiatives, and OSU Statewide programs.

Many Oregonians are familiar with the value that OSU Extension programs have brought to agriculture and other natural resource industries. They may not be as familiar with some of OSU Extension's youth- and family-oriented programs. Here are just a few examples:
toddler eating spaghetti

back to top Promoting Good Nutrition
The Extension Service's Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program helps low-income families manage their food dollars wisely and make healthy eating choices. In a single year, the program reached more than 1,000 families and 4,600 youths. Said one pregnant teen: "One thing I learned is that everything you eat matters, especially if you are carrying a baby."

back to top Family Nights at the Creek
Volunteer 4-H leader Ivan Camacho began an environmental program called "Family Nights at the Creek," conducted in both Spanish and English at Barnes Elementary School in Beaverton. The multicultural group met monthly to learn about water and watersheds. Children and parents took part in community service projects, including painting bilingual warnings on neighborhood storm drains about not dumping waste. The program will expand this year to Woodburn.

back to top Financial Planning for Women
This is the 10th anniversary of OSU Extension's Women's Financial Information Program, which helps women over the age of 45 manage their finances. The program, which has helped more than 7,000 Oregonians, gives participants the tools necessary to make wise financial decisions.

back to top Food Safety for Child Care Providers
During the past year, the Extension Service provided information on handling food safely to 1,155 licensed child care providers in Oregon. The outreach works -- followup surveys indicate that two out of three child care providers altered their daily routines to enhance safety.

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