A letter from the President

This annual report chronicles the incredible change that has occurred at Oregon State University during the past year as faculty, staff, and students have worked creatively and effectively to position our University for an exciting new future. Our efforts have opened doors and minds. We have created imaginative programs and processes to enrich student learning, pioneered critical advances in knowledge through research, and extended Oregon State's capacity to meet the educational and public service needs of the worldwide community. But we have just begun.

Our challenge is to fulfill a new vision for Oregon State University. We accept the challenge to build upon OSU's intellectual strength and heritage as one of this nation's flagship land, sea, and space grant universities and to become a leader in re-forming public higher education for the 21st century. In that pursuit, our efforts are devoted toward three strategic goals:

  • Recognition as a top tier university.
  • Creation of a compelling learning experience.
  • Development of the entire State of Oregon as OSU's campus.

Together, we can open the doors to unprecedented opportunities. To do so requires only that we first open others' minds to OSU's potential for innovation and leadership.

Our University stands at the threshold of a new millennium, ready and determined to step ahead into an exciting new future for Oregon, the nation, and the world.

As you review the progress we are making in these efforts, I encourage you to share our vision and achievements with others.

signature of Paul G. Risser
Paul G. Risser

Oregon State University
600 Kerr Administration Building
Corvallis, Oregon
(541) 737-4133
Fax (541) 737-3033

Send questions or comments to pres.office@orst.edu

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