Compelling Learning Experience

The learning environment at Oregon State recognizes an expansive view of higher education in which students gain life experience with persons from different backgrounds in unique settings. The University strives to provide opportunities that will prepare students well for success and leadership in an ever-changing world.

Quick Facts

Faculty are vital to the process, and OSU has some of the best, including many teaching award winners. Among them is Janine Trempy, 1996 Oregon Professor of the Year. Other noteworthy accomplishments are expansion of The Valley Library, evolution of the University Honors College, and creation of minority education centers to support educational diversity.

Roberto Martinez of Nyssa became the first student from the Science and Math Investigative Learning Experience (SMILE) Program to earn an OSU bachelor's degree. SMILE, a nationally recognized enrichment program for middle and high school students, began at OSU in 1988 to help minority and low-income youth acquire science and math skills.

When the $40 million Valley Library project is completed in early 1999, it will be a showcase for University scholarship and research.

Karyle Butcher, OSU's Delpha and Donald Campbell University Librarian, and director of The Valley Library, was named Oregon Librarian of the Year for her contributions to library work around the state.

The enlarged library will enable Oregon State to display numerous materials from Linus Pauling's personal archives, and allow students and researchers from all over the world to examine notes and correspondence from throughout the life of the only person to earn two unshared Nobel Prize awards.

Top high school students interested in the University Honors College are applying to OSU in record numbers. A special course in the study of leadership ethics, supported by a grant from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, gave students an opportunity to study issues such as labor practices and the use of gambling revenues to fund educational programs.

To provide a better support system for African American, Hispanic / Chicano / Latino, and Asian / Pacific American students, the University opened three new minority education offices fall term. Modeled after OSU's successful Indian Education Office, the offices will strengthen advising and counseling support for enrolled students and improve ties with Oregon's ethnic communities. Students have been instrumental in helping to shape programming, including improved recruitment and retention of minority students. The new offices join OSU's existing Educational Opportunities Program in providing support for these students.

OSU students can study almost anywhere in the world by taking advantage of a variety of Study Abroad programs. In addition to traditional exchange programs, OSU offers its unique International Degree program and Global Graduates internships, which allow students to gain professional work experience in other countries.

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