Accreditation at Oregon State University


View Eligibility Requirements for Candidates for Accreditation and Accredited Postsecondary Institutions

View Candidate for Accreditation
View Introduction
View Application for Consideration
View Self-Study and Evaluation Committee Visit for Candidacy
View Evaluation Committee Visit
View Commission Procedures
View Withdrawal
View Reconsideration
View Terms of Agreement
View Loss of Candidate Status

View Institutional Commitment and Responsibilities in the Accreditation Process
View Institutional Compliance with the Higher Education Reauthorization Act

View Overview of Evaluation Process

View Institutional Self-Study
View General Discussion
View Nature and Organization
View Self-Study Steering Committee
View Development of the Report
View Supporting Documents
View Joint or Concurrent Visit
View Process Summary

View Evaluation Committee
View Function
View Committee Make-Up
View Dates
View Report
View Accreditation of New Members
View Reaffirmation of Accreditation

View Commission Decisions on Institutions
View Reapplication for Accreditation

View Membership Dues
View Annual Report
View Costs of Evaluation
View Full-Scale Evaluation Expenses
View Fee Schedule
View Billing
View Interim Evaluation Expenses

View Communications with the Commission on Colleges

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