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Introduction and General Information

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View Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges
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View Definition of Institutional Accreditation

Accreditation Procedural Guide

View Eligibility Requirements for Candidates for Accreditation and Accredited Postsecondary Institutions
View Candidate for Accreditation
View Introduction
View Application for Consideration
View Self-Study and Evaluation Committee Visit for Candidacy
View Evaluation Committee Visit
View Commission Procedures
View Withdrawal
View Reconsideration
View Terms of Agreement
View Loss of Candidate Status
View Institutional Commitment and Responsibilities in the Accreditation Process
View Institutional Compliance with the Higher Education Reauthorization Act
View Overview of Evaluation Process
View Institutional Self-Study
View General Discussion
View Nature and Organization
View Self-Study Steering Committee
View Development of the Report
View Supporting Documents
View Joint or Concurrent Visit
View Process Summary
View Evaluation Committee
View Function
View Committee Make-Up
View Dates
View Report
View Accreditation of New Members
View Reaffirmation of Accreditation
View Commission Decisions on Institutions
View Reapplication for Accreditation
View Membership Dues
View Annual Report
View Costs of Evaluation
View Full-Scale Evaluation Expenses
View Fee Schedule
View Billing
View Interim Evaluation Expenses
View Communications with the Commission on Colleges

View Commission Responsibilities in the Accreditation Process

View National Recognition of Accrediting Agencies and Associations
View Relationship with the U. S. Department of Education
View Actions of State Agencies and Other Accrediting Bodies
View Unannounced Evaluations
View Retention of Records

View Standards and Guide for Self-Study

View Introduction to the Standards and Their Use in Self-Study
View Format of the Standards
View Self-Study, Supporting Documentation, and Accreditation Policies
View Standard One - Institutional Mission and Goals, Planning and Effectiveness
View 1.A - Mission and Goals
View 1.B - Planning and Effectiveness
View Supporting Documentation for Standard One
View Standard Two - Educational Program And Its Effectiveness
View 2.A - General Requirements
View 2.B - Educational Program Planning and Assessment
View 2.C - Undergraduate Program
View 2.D - Graduate Program
View 2.E - Graduate Faculty and Related Resources
View 2.F - Graduate Records and Academic Credit
View 2.G - Continuing Education and Special Learning Activities
    View Off-Campus and Other Special Programs Providing Academic Credit
View 2.H - Non-credit Programs and Courses
View 2.1 Policy on General Education/Related Instruction Requirements
View 2.2 Policy on Educational Assessment
View 2.3 Policy on Credit for Prior Experiential Learning
View 2.4 Policy on Study Abroad Programs
View 2.5 Policy on Transfer and Award of Academic Credit
View 2.6 Policy on Distance Delivery of Courses, Certificate, and Degree Programs
View Supporting Documentation for Standard Two
View Standard Three - Students
View 3.A - Purpose and Organization
View 3.B - General Responsibilities
View 3.C - Academic Credit and Records
View 3.D - Student Services
View 3.E - Intercollegiate Athletics
View 3.1 Policy on Institutional Advertising, Student Recruitment, and Representation of Accredited Status
View Supporting Documentation for Standard Three
View Standard Four - Faculty
View 4.A - Faculty Selection, Evaluation, Roles, Welfare, and Development
View 4.B - Scholarship, Research, and Artistic Creation
View 4.1 Policy on Faculty Evaluation
View Supporting Documentation for Standard Four
View Standard Five - Library and Information Resources
View 5.A - Purpose and Scope
View 5.B - Information Resources and Services
View 5.C - Facilities and Access
View 5.D - Personnel and Management
View 5.E - Planning and Evaluation
View Supporting Documentation for Standard Five
View Standard Six - Governance and Administration
View 6.A - Governance System
View 6.B - Governing Board
View 6.C - Leadership and Management
View 6.D - Faculty Role in Governance
View 6.E - Student Role in Governance
View 6.1 Policy on Affirmative Action and Nondiscrimination
View 6.2 Policy on Collective Bargaining
View Supporting Documentation for Standard Six
View Standard Seven - Finance
View 7.A Financial Planning
View 7.B Adequacy of Financial Resources
View 7.C. Financial Management
View 7.D Fundraising and Development
View Supporting Documentation for Standard Seven
View Standard Eight - Physical Resources
View 8.A - Instructional and Support Facilities
View 8.B - Equipment and Materials
View 8.C - Physical Resources Planning
View Supporting Documentation for Standard Eight
View Standard Nine - Institutional Integrity
View 9.1 Policy on Institutional Integrity
View Supporting Documentation for Standard Nine

View Accreditation Policies

View Section A Specific Policies Relating to Institutional Accreditation

View A-1 Accreditation Liaison Officer
View A-2 Substantive Change
    View Examples of Major and Minor Substantive Changes
View A-3 Disclosure of Accrediting Documents and Commission Actions
View A-4 Conflict of Interest
View A-5 Public Notification and Third Party Comments Regarding Full-Scale Evaluations
View A-6 Contractual Relationships with Organizations Not Regionally Accredited
View A-7 Principles of Good Practice in Educational Courses and Programs Offered Outside the United States
View A-8 Principles and Practices Regarding Institutional Mission and Goals, Policies and Administration
View A-9 Non-Credit, Extension, and Continuing Education Studies
View A-10 Postsecondary Education Programs on Military Bases
View A-11 Military-Sponsored Educational Programs
View A-12 Considerations When Closing a Postsecondary Educational Institution
View A-13 Teach-Out Agreements
View A-14 Complaints Regarding Member or Candidate Institutions
View A-15 Appeals Policy and Procedure
View A-16 Communication of Commission Action Regarding Recommendations
View A-17 Public Disclosure of Information Regarding Type of Accreditation Granted, Criteria, Accreditation Procedures, Evaluation Schedule, and Commissioners and Commission Staff
View A-18 Policy on Commission Action Regarding Institutional Compliance Within Specified Period
View A-19 Policy on Publication of Adverse Actions
View A-20 Policy on Notification to Appropriate Accrediting Agencies and State Agencies Regarding Institutions' Accreditation

View Section B Policies Relating to Institutional Accreditation

View B-1 Role and Value of Accreditation
View B-2 Periodic Review of Member Institutions
View B-3 Code of Good Practice in Accrediting in Higher Education
View B-4 Relationship Between General and Specialized Accrediting Agencies
View B-5 Interagency Cooperation in Accreditation
View B-6 Evaluation of Institutions Operating Interregionally
View B-7 Accreditation of Operationally Separate Units
View B-8 Dual Accreditation and Institutional Description
View B-9 Training for New Commissioners
View B-10 Policy on Selection and Representation of Commissioners and of Evaluation Committees
View B-11 Notification to the United States Department of Education
View B-12 Program Length and Tuition and Fees
View B-13 Reviewing Accreditation Standards to Ascertain Their Validity and Reliability
View B-14 Policy on Providing Advanced Public Notice of Proposed Accreditation Criteria to Member Institutions and Other Interested Parties
View B-15 Policy on Dissemination of Commission's Directory of Accredited Institutions

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