Accreditation at Oregon State University

on the Department and College Notebooks

How truthful should we be about our problems?
This question has been asked more than most others. The strengths and challenges of your unit should be discussed honestly and clearly. On the other hand, this is not a place to whine about disagreements you may have with budgeting decisions. It is also not a place to try to leverage funding. The point is to show how we are doing our best with our resources, and how we are planning for the future.

Why is the information requested so much more extensive and intrusive than the last time we were re-accredited?
Last time, a non-traditional thematic self-study was written. We have been told that we did a good job but that we had to submit a standard self-study this time. Also the Northwest Association of Schools and College (our accrediting agency) expects much more detailed information and involvement by the units. They are especially expecting to see assessment activities that are used in planning by all units, academic and administrative. We have worked hard to ask minimal questions and be as non-intrusive as possible.

Can we get an electronic version of the department and college templates.
Yes, these are available on the web under the accreditation home page <>.

Is it enough to just give www URLs? Should an electronic copy of the notebook also be provided?
It is important to give hard copies of the notebook information and the URLs. Sometimes hard copy will be impractical because of the non-linear nature of the information. In this case just give the URL and explain why it is not practical to include the printed version. An electronic version of the material in the notebook should be included. (This was not clearly specified on the original notebook request.)

Will there be a workshop to help us complete these notebooks?
The idea of workshops was considered. An informal poll indicated lack of interest so we decided not to do this. Bob Burton (7-8009) is available to assist units with questions they may have. He is also willing to meet with the Chairs and Directors in colleges.

Programs that are not departments did not get notebooks - what should they do?
These programs are part of the college report. It is the deanís and the programís call as to whether a program should get a notebook or be included in the college notebook.

What if I cannot finish by the deadline and still do a quality job?
It is very important that the units do a quality job. If you see yourself going over the deadline consult with your dean. You should think of the notebooks as something that can be added to or improved at any time.

In the department notebook, is it sufficient for 3.1 and 3.2 to report on the BA and the BS together?
As long as the learning outcomes in the major remain the same, this is appropriate and what most departments will do.

In 3.2, what is a learning outcome?
Learning outcomes are what we expect students to be able to do or to have experienced after completion of the program. Robby Robson (7-5171), the Educational Reform Coordinator in Undergraduate Academic Affairs is the local expert on this. Robby is organizing workshops on learning outcomes May 11 and May 12. Remember the notebook is modifiable at any time.

In 3.3, what is service teaching?
Service teaching is teaching that is classes that are more than 50% non-majors, especially if the teaching is a requirement of another program. Bac Core courses are excluded from this definition because they are asked about in a different question.

In 8.2, what is being asked for?
What positions do graduate accept after graduation, e.g. high school teacher, public health administrator, tinker, etc.

Why is the equipment and materials questionnaire listed as 9.2 on the checklist, but numbered 8 on the form? Do we need to change the numbering?
You do not need to change the numbering. The questionnaire will be in Tab 9 in the department notebook, but is part of Standard 8 in the OSU self-study (which you do not have to write).

In Appendix C, how can teaching evaluations be collected centrally?
This is in error. Teaching evaluations cannot be collected centrally and will have to be supplied by the departments. Sorry for the confusion.

In Appendix E, what format should be used for faculty CVs?
There is no set format for the CVs. Just include the CVs used in your department.

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