Accreditation at Oregon State University

Message from President Risser

30 March 2000

To:Oregon State University Community
From:Paul G. Risser, President

In April 2001, OSU will be visited by an evaluation team sent by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges to examine our university and determine if we are to be re-accredited. It is our responsibility to produce a self-study of OSU and organize supporting data for this team. This process is an opportunity for self-evaluation and progress. It is an occasion to showcase our many strengths and our responses to our challenges.

OSU clearly deserves re-accreditation, but this is not automatic, rather it will take much effort on the part of the academic and administrative units.

The effort is led by the Accreditation Steering Committee, chaired by Bob Burton ( Specific information is available on the web, accessible from the OSU web home page.

Departments, Colleges, and Administrative units will be required to provide information about themselves, and even more importantly to analyze and assess their activities. This commitment is absolutely necessary to achieve full re-accreditation, as is the commitment to on-going assessment and improvement of our programs.

The accreditation process is important to the university, so that we will continue to grow as the premier university in the state of Oregon. Anything less than re-accreditation will be detrimental to our efforts to obtain adequate funding from the legislature, to our efforts in admission of the highest quality students, to our efforts to recruit the best faculty, and to our development activities.

Thank you for your participation in this very important process.

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