Orange Rewards program offers dining discounts

Coffee drinker? Between class snacker? Lunch on-campus every day?

Join the Orange Rewards program and your OSU ID card will give you a 10% discount at all UHDS and MU campus restaurants, coffee shops and markets.

The Orange Rewards program gives users a 10 percent discount off meal purchases across campus.

That includes discounts at all dining locations on campus, including dining halls, the Memorial Union Commons and all stand-alone cafes and coffee shops. Orange Rewards participants also get other special offers throughout the year.

On-campus residents automatically have $100 of Orange Rewards as part of their UHDS Dining Plan. Orange Rewards are available to all holders of OSU identification cards, including faculty and staff, as well as students.

Sign up online and swipe your university identification card at on-campus locations to get your reward! For membership information, see oregonstate.edu/orangerewards