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The term Census Date refers to the point at which your enrollment is locked for financial aid purposes, and it happens to coincide with the last date you can add or drop classes for a full tuition refund. This Census Date is used for all terms, including the summer session. At this point in the term, credit hours are locked and financial aid for the term is adjusted to reflect the student's official enrolled credits. For example, if the student received aid at the beginning of the term based on full-time enrollment and then dropped credits, aid is then revised to match their eligibility based on the number of credits enrolled in as of the Census Date and types of aid that were awarded. Credits added after the Census Date cannot be used to increase financial aid eligibility.

Census Dates by Term


Fall 2013 - Sunday, October 13th

Winter 2014 - Sunday, January 19th

Spring 2014 - Sunday, April 13th

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